name: bee
gender: demigirl
pronouns: alternates between she & they
age: eighteen+
sexuality: lesbian
timezone: central

college major: graphic design
hobbies: drawing, character creation/development, watching youtube
pets: quazar (male yorkiepoo), zenith (female golden retriver),
samantha (female tabby cat)
phobias: arachnophobia, submechanophobia, catastrophobia, automatonophobia, megalophobia, nyctophobia

favorite food: lasagna tbh
favorite drink: peach tea
favorite color: pink
favorite animals: bees, raccoons, rhinos, bison, elk, sloths, bears
lucky number: thirty two

my fursonas !

✦ main fursona
✦ not representative of me per se, more like what role i'd like to play in a movie lmao
✦ big cat hyrbrid anthro

✦ secondary/comfort fursona
✦ very representative of me, however she heightens my positive traits to help me cope
✦ feral raccoon

✦ tertiary fursona
✦ represents my hunger for adventure and to see the world - basically who i want to be in life
✦ feral caribou/sea lion hybrid

do not interact !


✦ you are a part of or support -
– the map community (pedophilia isn't a sexuality, asshole)
– the zoo community (beastiality isn't a sexuality either)
– pro-shipping
– all lives/blue lives matter
– maga
– stan culture (literally any stan culture - it makes me incredibly uncomfortable, especially dreamsmp/minecraft yt)
– factkinning (that's actually really gross and i don't like you :D)
– shipping/rping real people

✦ you are -
– homophobic, transphobic, bipocphobic, islamaphobic, misogynistic, sexist, right-leaning
– not supportive of both female & male abuse victims (basically, if you don't believe men can be victims of abuse too, don't talk to me)
– a minor (exceptions are - ordering art, forum games, following/subscribing to me for art, trading cs things. basically just... i don't want to be friends with you.)
– above the age of thirty five
– a mursuiter
– a feral oc/pokemon nsfw artist/consumer
– a dreamsmp/mcyt kinny

current interests !

wip - come back a little later! :)